DPP diversion tactics

Untitled-2The DPP is at it again: we have a country in crisis: run-away inflation, rapidly rising crime rates, an imploding economy, due to the lack of donor funding, unchecked corruption, tribalism, nepotism at government level. Any sensible government will be addressing these issues. But not the DPP!
Remember when we had the biggest crisis in Malawian democracy? We had no fuel, no forex, no drugs, no sugar, no Chancellor College. The Bingu/DPP government was debating an anti-fart bill! Can you think of less efficient government than that? I cannot. It took Bingu 6 years in office to get to this level of lunacy. He started with limiting corruption, improving the economy and food security, and getting debt relief. Only years later did he mess up so badly.
But now: Arthur Peter Mutharika is not even 6 months in office, and he is debating federalism.
Now federalism can make sense for huge countries like Nigeria, South Africa or the USA. But a small country like Malawi stands not to win anything from it. We have problems with tribalism, but these cannot be resolved with federalism or even secession. No matter how small your country, there are always minorities. Look at your own neighbourhood: there are people from different tribes there. People marry between tribes, people move to economic opportunities or for other reasons. There is no way to create a one tribe state. It does not resolve anything it only makes the countries too small to have any international leverage. And secession of the north: it is only a few disgruntled politicians who fell out of favour recently, who are trying to get local influence now they cannot have national influence. Before elections these people did not raise the issue. Politicians who are so selfish about this issue, would they be less selfish when it comes to state coffers? I am not 100% sure!
If you want to check regionalism/tribalism, you need to spread power: limit the personal powers of the President, like is written in the DPP manifesto. More power to different factions of Parliament, who represent their constituencies. Don’t let the (Lhomwe) President appoint all these important officials (boss of MBC, boss of Police, boss of ACB, boss of FIU, chancellor of UNIMA, and many more the list goes on and on). But after elections, DPP forgot this election promise, so Arthur Peter Mutharika remains overly powerful himself!
As for the government: they have no solutions to the real problems: they are trying to fight organized crime with a sweeping operation on the streets. You will catch some petty criminals that way, but it does not fight organized crime. For fighting organized crime you need to empower the ACB (has no director and the increase in funding was no more than inflation!), FIU (increase in funding was no more than inflation) and police (increase in funding was no more than inflation). Buying them some cars does not help: they don’t even have funding for fuel and maintenance of their current car fleet.
It looks like the government does not have solutions for the real issues, and is not willing to get to the bottom of Cashgate (for which reason? we can guess) and is trying to divert our attention from their failure with a “federalism” debate. Can w expect any better from a president who, as a minister, got no further than closing Chancellor College and changing the flag?


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