corruptionDzonzi is right: it takes more than money to fight corruption. It does take political will, too. But allocating money in the face of such tight budgeting is a clear start of political will.
Dzonzi complains that only enemies of the government of the day have been prosecuted. He may be right, but the sad truth is that the only politician of status to have been jailed for corruption is Sam Mpasu, for diverting money that was meant for school books into his own pocket. In all the thirty years of democracy, only one conviction, when an estimated 30 % of government revenue goes to corruption! That is not enough.
Ideally, every case of corruption should end in a conviction, that’s the way to root out the evil. But rooting it out 100% is not possible: there is no country in the world that is 100% corrupt free. We can only fight it so far.
Dzonzi complains that enemies of the government of the day are prosecuted, but in fact, way too few cases end in convictions, and repossessing the stolen money. Let’s face it: when money is tight, and government money always is: every government wants to do a lot for the people, that’s how they win votes and stay into power. But there is always a financial constraint. So governments need as much money as they can get. In the face of that fact, repossessing the money gained through corruption is maybe even more important than jailing the criminals. Take back the money that is rightfully ours (government money is money of the people!).
Prosecuting only the enemies is the government of the day is not good. But not prosecuting anybody, and not repossessing any of the money these politicians and high-end civil servants have stolen from us is even worse. Prosecuting the enemies of the current government is a start. And a start is better than nothing.
It sounds more like Dzonzi is afraid of what might happen to himself, or his close friends any family, rather than looking for real justice. Let us support all the prosecutions of the guilty, let us support any stolen money to be repossessed, let us support stiff punishments for these bad crimes. If that means we start with the enemies of DPP, so be it. The ones that are spared now can face the consequences of their misdeeds with the coming change of government.
The example set by prosecuting strictly will also have a preventive effect: the would-be criminals will see that their predecessors are being jailed, and they will know they will not walk free ones the government changes.
Any prosecution of the guilty is better than none.


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