Fundraising for who?

urlThe Musicians Union of Malawi is broke. So they organize fundraising shows. All fine and well. Let’s hope they do a better job than at the show described here:…/tired-of-writing-about…
But do we all realize that the MAM/MUM is not there in the interest of music lovers? Time after time MAM/MUM tries to stop performances of international artists in Malawi. The MUM, at least MUM chairperson Reverend Chimwemwe Mhango, appears to think that we are not to decide ourselves which shows to attend. Recently he proposed that the MUM was to “censor” internatiChimwemweonal artists. In a democracy, Mr Mhango, there is no place for censorship. In the same article, Lucius Banda described this idea as unworkable. Lucius Banda is a musician of stature, of quality. And he is a promoter who brings in international artists for us to enjoy. Lucius Banda is not afraid of a little competition. He is confident his music is good enough compared to the international music he brings in. Mhango appears to see it differently: he seems to be afraid that we will prefer the music of international artists
Why should we, as music lovers, not be allowed to decide for ourselves which shows to attend and which tickets to buy? Why should not promotors like Lucius Banda decide on which artists to risk their money?
Should we as music lovers buy tickets to support an organization that fights our interest to hear both local
and international music?


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