At the general session of the UN, Mutharika complained about the behavior of donors. Basically, he blamed donors for the derailment of development. This is an interesting revelation: Mutharika does not take up the responsibility for the running of Malawi himself, instead he blames others for the mess we are in. And in a mess we are: out of control inflation, out of control crime, out of control budget deficit, out of control corruption. Mutharika should be a man, take responsibility, and announce the policies that are being implemented to right the wrongs. But he does not do that.
Blaming the other is a popular phenomenon among incompetent rulers. We have seen it a lot in Malawi: the last government is always blamed for problems. In the case of Mutharika he cannot do that: only two years ago he was a minister himself, and his DPP was in power. Many of the problems we are facing now were created by his own party. Remember: as minister of constitutional affairs he changed the flag, as a minister of education he caused (or did not control) the closure of Chancellor College for 8 months, as a minister of foreign affairs he failed to do anything about the international isolation the DPP had placed Malawi in: trouble with Zambia, trouble with Mozambique, trouble with Great Britain, trouble with USA, EU and other big donors. He achieved nothing. So blaming the previous government would not work for him. Solution: blame the donors! Who is responsible for running this country mister Peter Arthur Mutharika? Is that the elected president Mr Peter Arthur Mutharika, or is it the donors after all??


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