WE the people

malawi_protests-loWe the people need to look at our position. Why are we being oppressed in this way? Why don’t we have liberation in our country? We have a self serving ruling class with a culture of impunity. Where is the Baker Tilly report? Where are the findings? Why aren’t the criminals brought to justice? One would be tempted to suspect that the people responsible for upholding justice are the people who need to be brought to justice!
Whether it’s JB or APM or his Excellency, the State president, Ngwazi, professor, doctor, flag changer, Bingu wa Mutharika, or Kamuzu, all of them are corrupt self serving parasites who consume the fruits of the sweat of the population. We have nominal democracy, but what choice do we have? One party steals a bit slower (Bingu’s first rule, Muluzi’s first rule) another steals a bit faster (Joyce Banda) but none of them represents the interest of the population.
We need to look beyond our borders. Look at South America. Adeveloping continent. But they have always had leaders representing the interests of the poor (as well as leaders representing the interests of the rich!). Simon Bolivar, Juan Peron, Che Guevara. And in the 21st century: Hogu Chavez, Lulla da Silva, Evo Morales. Why don’t we have leaders that represent the people. Hugo Chavez was fram the poorest, most discriminated part of society. He was a native American. But he made it to be president. Why do we only have presidents from the ruling class? Why do they have to be? Why don’t we have true representatives from the people? We need to stand up, and fight for our rights, just like the great Bob Marley wrote: get up, stand up, stand up for your right! Get up, stand up, don’t give up the fight! It is no use asking the ruling class to share the wealth of the nation. They have shown that they are not ding that voluntarily. Nothing new. No privileged class gives up their privileges voluntarily. Asking is not the way. We have to push. We have to revolt. We stood up at 20 July 2011, and it took us less than a year to get rid of the dictator Bingu wa Mutharika. WE need to be vigilant, we need to be militant. If we ask, nothing is going to change. We need to demand, and we need to push. The power of the people is key. We need to understand that respect for the ruling class does not get us anywhere. They fight amongst each other for the contents of the state coffers, that rightfully is ours. Where is the Baker Tilly report? Secret! Where are the findings of the ACB? Secret. What are the findings of the FIU? Secret! All of that tells us who is ruling this country: the people who keep the truth secret! What reason do they have? Your guess is as good as mine!


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