The culture of impunity and forgetfulness

First-Lady-visits-childrens-ward-305x175Malawi is on its knees. Recently we found that we have the lowest per capita GDP in the world. Instead of bickering about: does that mean we are the poorest or the second poorest in the world, we need to do something about it. It is clear that the main reason for our poverty is the lack of performance in the way the country is ruled. And the saying goes: a people gets the leaders it deserves. Now that is true to a high extend in a democracy. We have the right to do something about this, and we should, or it is our own fault.
Look at how we, the media, treat our leaders: Last week the First Lady, Madame Gertrude Mutharika, said that “children are a battlefield in the war to contain aids.” And we as media report on that with a straight face. Have we forgotten that she is the same person who stole the funds of the people infected and affected by aids? Remember: she got her “Beautify Malawi Trust” funded by the National AIDS Commission, while her trust has nothing to do with the fight against Aids. Should we just consume her insincere concerns about children being a battlefield when she is on the side of stealing from them? Ladies and gentlemen, we should hold them to account. Think of Julius Malema’s EFF: every opportunity they get they scant to President Jacob Zuma: “PAY THE MONEY BACK, PAY THE MONEY BACK!” And if they don’t get the opportunity, they seize and opportunity. We as Malawians, we get excited over the theft of money from the powerless, the disenfranchised, the poor the sick and the others affected by Aids, and then we report on this lady as if she is a respectable First Lady, Madame Gertrude Mutharika. Should we not have a policy comparable to the artist Zapira, also from South Africa, who does not let the population forget Jacob Zuma’s remarks about taking a shower after unprotected sex to minimize infection. Zapiro consistently draws Jacob Zuma with a shower over his head. Year after year. Can we not hold our ruling class to account in a similar way?


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