Kondwani Nankhumwa is at it again!

Kondwani Nankhumwa has declared that Bingu’s death was man-made. [mwnation.com/bingu-did-not-die-natural-death-nankhumwa/] He made all kinds of accusations with no shred of evidence. It seems we are going back to the darkest days of His Excellency, the President, Ngwazi, Professor, Doctor Bingu wa Mutharika (Woyee!) who practiced this endless shadow dancing with his hated predecessor Bakili Muluzi, whom he accused of stealing State funds. But he never brought him to justice, he just threw accusations around.
The situation seems to be the same now: Nankhumwa is making weird and enigmatic statements, but without substance. Earlier he has lied about CCTV footage that ws supposed to implicate Joyce Banda, and recently he stated that the President needs a jet, which then was denied by state house sources. The man just talks without substance. This is the Minister of Information! Minister of disinformation seems to be a more applicable title. Can our President maybe reshuffle this man to the street sweeping department? With a little bit of luck he will have the appropriate skills.


What is our president doing?

What is our president doing?
We have an explosion of crime in the country. What is our president doing about it?
We have food security crisis coming up. What is our president doing about it?
We have an awful inflation of the kwacha. What is our president doing about it?
We have interest rates of over 40%. What is our president doing about it?
We have a failed FISP. What is our president doing about it?
We have thousands of people homeless because of the floods. What is our president doing about it?
We have thousands of xenophobia refugees in the country. What is our president doing about it?

Our president opens Umodzi Gardens, our president launches the civil service reform program (carried out not by the president but by the hyper-active vice-president), the president presents the start of the IFMIS reform programme. He opens something, he launches something. But what is he doing for us? We hired him. Remember how a democracy works: democracy means “people rule”. We are the boss, and we hired him for five years to administer the country to our liking. But is he performing? Nobody knows what he is doing. I will not go into unconfirmed rumours that he was in the US for 7 weeks, or that this was for his health. We don’t go into unconfirmed rumours here. But we want accountability. What does the president do in the time we pay him to work for us, and which way is he taking the country?

Another JET? Another disaster!

malawi-presidential-jetNankhumwa is minister of information. And this type now tells the press that the Malawian President needs a jet. We have been through this before and that jet has been sold for good reason. Not only does the Malawian population need to know that their leadership is not wasting their money on useless luxury, also donors need to be shown a prudent government. The current zero-aid (not really zero-aid) budget is not working. Bills are not being paid, salaries are being paid late if ever, development projects are non active, and government is borrowing left right and centre at ridiculous rates, which we, the people of Malawi, will have to pay! And because government is borrowing all the money that is available, not any of it is available for private sector growth, which is what this country needs more than anything. Now, an extra huge expenditure of tens of millions of dollars in buying, but more tens of millions of dollars in maintenance and running cost are going to be heaped on us, the people of Malawi. All money that needs to be borrowed on top of the money that government is borrowing anyway. Too much, and all for the luxury of a President. While over half of the country lives on less than a dollar a day!

We need donor money and we need it fast, this is taking our country down the drain.

There is just one little up switch to this story: it comes from Nankhumwa, and since he lied about CCTV footage of the previous president, her Excellency Joyce Banda, we know that he is a confirmed liar. With a little bit of luck, this jet story is also lies, like he has lied before. Long live the lies of Nankhumwa.