They want all posts politicized!

“Each his own!” the French philosopher Suzette Crèpe once said.
Yesterday we read in the paper that DPP members are asking the party to reward members who have been faithful to it, unlike fortune seekers. We all know what this means: these people want lucrative jobs. Not because they are well qualified, or because they have shown in the past that they can successfully carry out these tasks. NO! They want jobs because they have supported the party. They want political appointments, they want the public service and para statals to be even more politicized then they currently are.
What an unpatriotic way of thinking! These DPP members do not care about the country, they do not care about professionalism, they do not care about para statals’ functioning. They only want to take our tax money, the people’s money, the money meant to make the country function, and then run with it. And we have seen how this has paralyzed the civil service, the para statals, and the country as a whole. People with politicized appointments are not being fired for bad performance and corruption, because they are not there to function, they are there to receive what they feel they can rake in, as a reward for political support. This is the way our beautiful country goes to the Philistines! We need to put a stop to this. These DPP members need to know their act is shameful, and we need to protest against each and every and any politicized appointment. And this DPP Eastern Region Director of Women Margret Sauzande needs to be ostracized with immediate stante pede. Shame on her and shame on the DPP cadres!


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