Budget support

We read in the newspaper that government and EU are talking about budget support again. Fine. It was clear that we were heading towards a failed state without it: the government was not paying its bills and even the salaries have been delayed. There are no drugs in hospitals and licensed teachers are not being employed, all because government is not capable of balancing its books.

Gondwe says the EU has a long list of tough conditions. The only condition that is being revealed is the passing of the Access To Information Bill (ATI) into law. This is great: every well thinking person in the country wants this law, it will create another instrument for accountability of government (which in a democracy is the employee of the people; we are the boss of the president and all of government). The only people opposed to it are the ones who are stealing, lying and cash-gating our money away from us. The corrupt people. They seem to be powerful, because they have managed to hold up this bill for more than 20 years: since Muluzi was president.

  • Muluzi government: no ATI law.
  • Mutharika Government: no ATI law.
  • J Banda Government: no ATI law.
  • Arthur Peter Mutharika Government: is it finally going to happen with a little help from the EU?

But if the EU is so hell-bent on Access To Information: Why don’t they give us the information we need: the conditions for budget support? Why don’t we all know which are the conditions? Both our government and the EU people know the list. In the name of access to information and accountability of both EU and Malawi Government: let us all know the list of conditions, so we can see for ourselves what we need to do to get the salaries paid, the bills paid, development projects running again.


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