PP? no PP!

It is surprising how many comments we get about Khumbo Kachali and his coup in the PP. The PP is not a force to reckon with to begin with. It was a coalition of people who were booted out of DPP by Bingu’s paranoia who, through none of their own doing, were propelled into power. Khumbo Kachali is a man with limited intellectual capacity as his record shows: moving hospital beds as an election stunt backfired, he was implicated in an attempt to blackmail Paladin into paying a large amount of money, he told off the people of Malawi when he said Banda and him were not going to stop making expensive trips when the public kitty was empty because: “we do not visit their mothers homes”, and Kachali jumped ship like any other crosstitute when he was not chosen to be Banda’s running mate in the last elections. This man is not capable, and he is not to be taken seriously.

Secondly, the PP failed majorly in the last elections, even though they plundered the public kitty for their election campaign, which was only based on hand outs, not on policy.

The PP does not perform, has never performed, and will never perform. Let it die a natural death, the country will not be any worse off.


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