The banning of a video Dzuka Kalawe from MBC because of the political content of its lyrics shows a worrying tendency. Is APM going astray the same way his brother did?

He promotes his achievements in the newspapers with a repeated double page full colour ad. Unfortunately he has little to claim other than things in the future (things like: this is expected to give good results, or it will be good in the future) and internal organizational things of government. Nothing for the population, like Bingu did in his first term. It looks like APM is skipping the first term and going to the bad things immediately. This is a disappointment for the people who voted for him remembering how the DPP practiced good policy in its first term, and for the whole population.

Bingu got so jittery about criticism he banned film (about gayism), drama (about politics) and music (Lucius Banda with: DPP, Diesel, Petrol, Palibe). Now again government is interfering with the policy of MBC. This, ladies and gentlemen on Capital Hill, is not your personal propaganda instrument, it is a State Broadcaster, and it should reflect all opinions in the country. It should have editorial independence and it should not be influenced in any way by the party in power or the government of the day.

We need to curb Presidential Power. The director and board of MBC should not be appointed by the government of the day (in practice this is the president even if in name it is the minister of information). The director should be appointed by the board and the board should be appointed by the Parliamentary Commission on information. That way the views of all of the people will be represented, and not just the personal view of the President.

On the same note: it is nice that the government advertises its views, however one-sided. But it is is a bad tendency of the Malawian ruling class to not be transparent on politics. If the President sees fit to reshuffle the Cabinet, he should inform the electorate about the reasons and the ways things are done in advance. Remember: Democracy means People Rule. The President is the servant, the People are the Boss!

And stop the stupid censorship of MBC and the artistic freedom of our artists, so our culture can promote the country and bring in forex.


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