The big picture

We are missing the point on the big picture in Malawi. We got political analysts who are analyzing the tit-for-tat and such among the ruling class, who are fighting over who gets the biggest share of the cake (the National Kitty). Occasionally someone gets caught with his/her hand in the national cookie jar. But that don’t make the point.

What we need is a thorough structural analysis. And that is what we are missing sorely.

What we need is a new tradition of game changers. Not the advertisement in the newspaper saying “business unusual” while the government of the day refuses to get at the Cashgate criminals. We need to turn things upside down.

More than 50 years after independence we have the dubious honor of officially being the poorest country in the word! This shows that our ruling class has failed us and needs to be replaced. And with ruling class I do not mean the government of the day only, I mean the whole conglomerate of politicians, business people close to them conniving with them to rob us of our money, the top civil servants who are stealing and cashgating like they are politicians themselves, and of course the International Capitalists who steal our national resources in connection with our own ruling class. All of them are together robbing us of the wealth of our nation.

And the bigger the rhetoric against them, the worse our ruling class are. Remember how Bingu was lambasting the international capitalists, while he gave away our uranium, and delivered our farmers to Monsanto. And he was ranting about the tobacco, but he did not do anything for the farmers after he had allowed his cronies to corrupt the FISP.

What we need is the likes of Che Guevara, Hugo Chavez, Juan Peron, Lulla da Silva, Evo Morales. IN South America the list goes on and on. But here we do not have that. Kapito of the CAMA did a commendable job standing up to Bingu, but after that he let himself be silenced and he is not even speaking up for us in connection with water and electricity that are not there and we get huge rising bills for them anyway. We have been delivered to the worst of both worlds: one the one hand we have the local ruling class stealing from us to the level that they are not able to deliver drugs, water, electricity, or quality education. On the other hand we get the international capitalists like Palladin taking our uranium, and The (US) Millenium Development Corporation raising our electricity bills to astronomical height in the name of “Free Market Service Delivery” We are stuck between a rock and a hard place and we need to protest until APM goes just like his brother in government went. Down with corruption, down with elitism and down with anyone who illegally took money from the NAC (for bribes or anything else)


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