The President, His Excellency, Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika made a slight mistake when he proposed to put same sex relationships under a referendum.

It is absurd to make people illegal under the law, whether because of their sexual nature or because of anything else. People were created the way they were created and we cannot judge the Creator on that. Homosexuals are human, so homosexual’s rights are human rights. They must be respected. Human rights are protected in the Malawian constitution, and constitutional rights are not negotiable.

Same sex marriage is a different issue. Of course people holding a private party cannot be illegal, but the question whether the law should recognize same sex marriage as equal to mixed sex marriage is a question. We can put that to a referendum: should married same sex couples have the same rights to sharing pensions, inheritance, adoption etc. as mixed married mixed sex couples. It would make sense to put this to a referendum. So far twenty countries treat same sex marriages the same as mixed sex marriages.


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