It is a horrible shame! The water boards are incompetent, corrupt and inefficient, and our Government is laying the cost on us, the population.

Just a few years ago we paid a high price for a Dutch organization of profit seekers, to fix problems at Blantyre Water Board. The problems have only increased, while these Europeans left with our handsome payment in their pockets. And all that is laid upon us, the population. Water is life. Life is a human right. Water is a human right, and we are paying dearly for those corrupt officials who are keeping it away from us for most of the day while lining their pockets with the price hikes that our Government has approved.

The water boards are not containing the loss of water, they are not dealing with inefficiencies in their organizations, and they are not getting their act up to standard as far as continuous supply is concerned. These organizations are non-performing, and the Government should represent the population’s interest in firing everyone at the water boards who is responsible for the sorry state of affairs. That is: the whole board, and the whole management. Also they must do a forensic audit, and bring very corrupt official to justice. After all that, they must streamline the organization as far as financial efficiency is concerned. Only after that can they calculate a reasonable price for our water of life. And until that, they should not lay their incompetence on our water bills. It is a shame that our democratic government is not representing the interest of the people, but only the interest of a few officials at our inefficient water boards.


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