Malawi is in crisis: we have 2.8 million people at risk of starvation, our economy is in shambles, tariffs are going up like a hot air balloon, our hospitals have no drugs, nurses and teachers are rare, and the list goes on and on.

At the same time the Malawi delegation of 18 government officials and another 93 or so hangers-on, wives, friends, family are celebrating the UN annual meeting, other ways of wasting money are also explored. The Shire-Zambezi Technicolor dream refuses to eat up our taxes that could be used to save lives.

His Excellency, The State President, Ngwazi, Professor, Doctor, Bingu wa Mutharika had an idea, and without considering its feasibility he started throwing millions of US dollars towards it. He opened Nsanje Inland Port in a bizarre ceremony, with no ship, because no ship could reach the port: the Zambezi flows through Mozambique. Mozambique is a sovereign country and no ship can pass through without its permission.

One ship was ever licensed to dock in Nsanje Inland Port, but its license was revoked when it was caught smuggling from there. Since then the Port has been vandalized and not maintained, fair enough, since it’s never going to be used anyway.

The Zambezi is too shallow to accommodate commercial vessels, there is no harbor at the entry point into the Indian Ocean to transfer the cargo to ocean going vessels, and there is little to transport anyway. A useless waste of money.

Let’s stop throwing good money after bad; this port can never serve a useful function.


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