Speech writer embarrasses APM

The sliding in the APM speech at his return from the US is not done. The speech writer and his editor should know better: when APM declared that the 18 MDGs were localized into 8 local MDGs, his speech writer should have known that there never were more than 8 MDGs. The exercize of localizing the 17 SDGs into 8 local SDGs is something completely new, that will give rise to some headaches. But most of all: this blunder makes one wonder of the quality of APMs support staff: should he not replace the people responsible for his speeches?

We had 8 MDGs and we missed a full 4 of them. That is mediocrity at best, but mostly a failure, no matter how government publicists try to congratulate themselves for reaching only half of their target.
And considering this is mostly due to donor funded NGOs, government spin doctors should offer apologies for missing 4 targets, so important. These missed targets cost many lives each year and our development is totally stalling due to this mediocrity at all levels.

We want to achieve a full 17 out of the 17 SDGs, and we want to also reach the remaining 4 MDGs, so we can live worthy lives, and we get the opportunity to contribute to the development of the world at large and the development of Malawi in particular.


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