“There is some air about humans” the philosopher Ortega Y Du Chardin once remarked, and that holds a lot of truth. Just read the arts section of our Nation-al newspaper. In it a Staff Reporter writes an article about a war movie being shot in Zomba. It seems critical thinking is not taught well in our journalism schools: the makers of this masterwork of cinematography state that they chose some touristic settings to lure tourists to Malawi with scenes in which child soldiers rape vulnerable people, and commit other human rights offences. Does anyone think that this will lure tourists? Do you want to have a vacation in a country in which your daughters will be raped and kept for days without food among other human rights abuses?

They also state that the film can lure international tourrists while it is spoken in the vernacular? How many international tourists understand a Chichewa film? Considering the content this is only for the better…

The makers state that the Malawi film industry has potential to break into the international market, but do not explain how a Chichewa film is going to achieve this. The photo accompanying the article makes one fear the worst for the image quality. Then the makers appeal for funding from government. I am not sure if it would be wise for the ministry of tourism to fund an exercize like this.

That some people with mediocre intelligence make statements like this does not surprise me. In the bottle store after a huge number of rounds, logic can go down the bottle instead of the brain. But that a staff reporter of our Nation-al newspaper writes this down without any critical thinking or asking questions, that disappoints me.


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