Fees must fall protests!

There are times to be calm, and there are times to be militant. Militant does not need to mean violent, it means standing up for your rights. Just like the great Bob Marley sang: Get up, stand! Stand up for your rights! Get up, stand! Don’t give up the fight!

We can learn something from the way South Africans organize themselves against injustice. IN the past they have successfully fought a French water company over high tariffs, the company has left South Africa, without the profits they were hoping to make off the South African people.

Now the South African students have decided that enough is enough. They have a President who takes enormous lots for himself. Read here about Zuma’s residence

Then the government finds it has not enough money for education, and they crank up the University fees by unreasonable percentages. Sounds familiar? That’s what is happening here, only here it is also secondary education, as well as University.

South Africans are not so easily taken for a ride, they protest in an organized way when they are being treated badly by their nominally democratic government.

But we? Are we going to accept the bad policies that are being thrown upon us, while the President takes a 106 member delegation to the UNGA? Flying by private jet? What can we expect from the Civil Society Education Coalition, Mr Kondowe?


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