GAY! Evangelicals are softening stance.

Today the Evangelical Association of Malawi (EAM) published a press statement on same sex marriages. In it they make a few interesting concessions to same sex relations. They remain opposed to legalizing same sex marriage (or gay marriage) but they do state:

“We recognize every person’s individual autonomy in regard to sexual choices.” This cannot mean anything else, in this context, than decriminalizing same sex relations. They only oppose the state recognizing same sex marriage.

Also they state: “… nor can freedom for some mean limiting freedom for others.” Does this mean that freedom to have heterosexual contacts cannot mean stopping others from having homosexual contacts?

This is a step in the direction of normalizing same sex relations, by the EAM, no less. Nowhere in the press statement does EAM object to the MSM (Men having Sex with Men) friendly services provided for in the agreement between Malawi and the Global Fund on HIV/Aids, Malaria and TBC, just signed by President Arthur Peter Mutharika himself.

If we see this in the context of development, then we are going in a liberal direction. Some 60 years ago developed countries were still developing in this regard, and most had anti-homosexuality laws. That is actually where the anti homosexuality law in Malawi came from: it is a colonial law inherited from the British colonial masters. On the other hand the thoroughly Malawian constitution guarantees freedom from discrimination on any ground, and respect for human rights.


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