The Malawian parliament has just spent 300M kwacha on four luxury vehicles. This against a government ban on this type of spending. Legally it appears there is nothing possible: Parliament decides on its own budget. But it clearly shows that the ruling class is not changing its ways: conspicuous consumption remains the norm.

Parliament blows k300M

What is remarkable about this spending though, is that one vehicle is meant for the leader of the opposition, MCP politician reverend Lazarus Chakwera. This depoliticizes the move, and makes criticism ineffective: the Parliamentary opposition has allowed itself to become accessory to this affront of common sense and insult to the people of Malawi suffering from severe poverty.

What would be a better way of showing Christian compassion from the Reverend than to refuse the vehicle, and ask the money to be put to use for the suffering poor? Or even better: sell the vehicle at a charitable auction, and donate the money to a charity, say an orphanage. That would put the other politicians in their place and surely deliver a lot of goodwill (=votes!) to the reverend and the MCP!


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