Disappointed soldier

malawian-musician-lucius-bandaLucius Banda does not want to release another protest song, even if his fans request it. Artistic choice. Fine. But one begins to wonder when he says: I am a disappointed soldier. I am not supported by the people I stand up for. He does not elaborate. What should his fans do to support him. Buy his records? Sure, piracy is theft, and Banda is hit hard by the illegal copying of his work. As a Parliamentarian he could stand up for artists’ rights. The illegal copying shops are all over the place and operating openly. This can easily be made much more difficult. A simple police action like cleaning the streets off vendors.

But that appears not to be the real issue. Banda says: “What are the people doing with what I have sung before? Have we not inspired them enough to stand up and act?”

Is the responsibility not the other way around? Are not the people asking for someone to rally around? For someone to provide the structure for them to be effective in thei77576876-98a8-4b0c-a30d-9e98d0a24ffc_mw1024_s_nr response to unsatisfactory governance? The masses appear to have a growing action preparedness, but uneducated villagers and township dwellers need someone to provide the platform for them to speak. Apparently they are asking Banda to do that for them.

atupele-maliBanda: “In the past the youth would act without looking at one’s party affiliation.”

But what about Banda’s own UDF party affiliation with their party leader Muluzi in a ministerial position. Coincidence?285490_203884786327207_100001170609533_520714_5094116_n



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