Pass the Bills

The behavior of the President shows us how much we need the new bills. Not only lying to the population, but also overstepping his constitutional privileges.
He illegally appoints the wrong clerk of Parliament. This is a affront. But it also shows we need the new information bill in its original form which curbs Presidential authority to appoint, for instance the head of MACRA and the head of MBC. This is crucial for the population to exercise our constitutional rights to information and the constitutional right to freedom of the press. WE see that this President does not know how to deal with a free press. First he tries to bribe the press, which constituted a Public Relations disaster of the first kind. Then he starts yelling at the press (while banging his fist on the table) : “This nonsense has to stop” when the press reports, which is its mandate and its duty. So if the President can appoint two key positions in the information flow of the public, it will severely impede our constitutional rights. And that we need to stop.
Curb the presidential powers, and do it quickly.


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