Prevent terrorism

crimeWe are not only facing short term problems (economic meltdown, total collapse of government financial management and consequential non-performance of government) but also a very real long term problem. With the widening gap between rich and poor, fast population growth, climate change, international neo-liberalism which is not challenged in Malawi in any meaningful way, we are creating a growing pool of youth with no future. In other African countries this gave rise to Islamist terrorism. I boko-1do not expect that, because the Islamic section of the population is too small. But it is an economic problem, more than religious. (The large majority of Muslims worldwide abhor terrorism). And terrorism can take a Christian form (think of Joseph Kony) or any other.

Kenya Slum Photo.jpgWe need to look at the future of the young generation, and the generations to come, and it does not look good.

If we look at the countries north of us, we see a terrible cycle of violence, being met with violence, growing the problem. International intervention only worsens the situation. We need home grown losutions. We need to narrow the gap between rich and poor. We need to create a vibrant economy. We need to meet the unmet need for family planning. We need effective governance, which is sorely missing. I cry for Malawi


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