The Malawi government has come under pressure to change its policy on homosexuality, but it has not budged.

The police in the Malawian capital Lilongwe has mistakenly arrested two men on suspicion of homosexual activities. This is in contravention to the government policy of a moratorium on the anti-gay law, which stems from colonial authorities. The Malawian constitution from 1993 prohibits discrimination on any ground, which legally includes homosexuality, but the ever slow Malawian Parliament has failed to adjust colonial laws to the Malawian constitution.

After the arrest, some Christian hardliners, followers of American Evangelism, have tried to put pressure on the Malawian government to re-enact the outdated colonial law, and put the Malawian constitution aside. Government upheld its moratorium on the anti-gay law, in line with its policy to wait enforcing the law, until the constitutional court has reviewed its constitutionality.



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