Gay again!


The newspapers today are full of the gay issue to the point that the unsuspecting reader may think there is nothing else in the country than homosexuality. Both newspapers sport 4 articles, with the Weekend Nation adding on a column by Trapence of Cedep and Malawi news an editorial comment.

To add on to this overdose I am writing about the issue again myself.

The amount of disinformation and unfactual wording is appalling and both newspapers of quality unworthy.

In the column of the Christian fundamentalist NC we can expect this: fundamentalists are marked by their conviction that their own opinion is more truthworthy than the factual truth.


But in the Nation the journalist FG talks of suspension of part of the constitution, which is untrue: the constitution supports gay rights, it is an old colonial law that opposes them. The answer by the religious interviewee makes another mistake: he talks about gay marriage, while no one in Malawi is proposing to legalise gay marriage. What we are discussing is decriminalization of homosexual activity, shich is quite a different matter.

Then some writers fault government for its suspension of prosecution of suspects of gay activity. However this cannot be called illegal: the ministry of justice decides on the policy of prosecution: there is in every society a limitation to the capacity of the prosecutor. Someone will have to decide on priorities. That someone is not parliament, that someone is the executive arm of government, in the person of the minister of justice. Parliament makes laws, judiciary interprets the laws when a case is brought in by the prosecutor. The executive executes the laws, and has the authority to decide on priorities in this area. It is a wise decision to suspend the prosecution of people who are harming no one, and are practicing their orientation in private, and prioritize crimes that do victimize people, like murder, robbery, house breaking, violence and such. We should not misuse our limited capacity in the police, judiciary and penitentiary system for people who are causing no harm to anyone.

Then there is journalist JJ who advocates that homosexuals need “help” rather than punishment. This is strange because there is no ”cure” known to man, homosexuals are homosexuals and that is their identity. By the same token, the help that is needed is information on HIV/aids and other STIs from a same sex perspective, and this is made impossible by criminalization.

WE need a factual discussion, not all this illogical sloganism.


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