The new ideology


While Africanism forms a good start for our ideology, it is not enough to analyse the world we live in, and formulate solutions for the problems we, as a nation and a continent, are facing.

While Africanism is right that most of the rich live in Europe and these days Asia, it does not explain why some indigenous Africans are very rich, and most are very poor. It is clearly true that multinational companies are extorting obscene wealth from us, they are doing the same from proletarians elsewhere. Clearly, in India and China the poor are almost as bad off as in Africa. The proletarian class in the western world (Europe and North America) is smaller, but it is there. It is mostly composed of ethnic minorities, some migrants, some indigenous.


We should look beyond borders and beyond our continent. We should see how some indigenous Africans are conniving with multinational capitalists. Our local ruling class are nowhere near on equal footing with the global power brokers (just as the western politicians are not). Our African ruling class are only lackeys of the Global Big Men2f4e492f381cf19f683838e8841ecc2a, the real capitalists.


Nevertheless, they make themselves accessory to the rape and theft of our continent, for the modern equivalent of thirty pieces of silver.

In practice, this means that we cannot count on our ruling class to develop the country or the continent. They are accessory to the poverty that we are enduring. We need to look beyond them.

2013-02-malawi-bromelkampOn the other hand, thanks to the sabotage of our education system by the ruling class (which is much more systematic than the one theft by Sam Mpasu) our proletarian class, in Malawi mainly smallholder farmers and agricultural labourers, are so uneducated they are not capable of making these analyses on their own. They live in a system comparable to Europe in the late middle ages, using hoes for cultivation, and dependent on the local chief for the land that supports their survival (hopefully).

Malawi farm woman

The alternative would appear to form an avant-garde of developers that represent the proletarian class, and take over from the current ruling class (not necessarily violently). But we have seen in Russia/Soviet Union how such a system turns into its own opposite and becomes a ruling class of its own, hardly better than the previous ruling class.


We need a longer process than that. We need a group of dedicated intellectuals, who are capable of making analyses, of seeing through the dominant rhetoric of “development”, and are capable of translating that into an ideology that the proletarian class can understand. This requires not so much knowing the rights answers. That would only dump slogans into the mind of the proletarian. We need the opposite: we need the capacity to ask the right questions, to problematizes the dominant rhetoric for what it is: a hegemony of thought that supports the physical (and financial) dominance of the current ruling class. The proletariat knows its


situation, and it knows the answers to the questions, but it is not aware of the questions, because of the mind numbing thought control that goes with the dominant rhetoric, that excludes the proper analysis by the proletariat. It is a “common sense” ideology, that makes any analysis that threatens the powers-that-be into “non-sense”.

class20warfare4We need to look beyond borders, and find allies in other African countries, in countries beyond Africa, even in the Western World there is a social justice movement that looks to a better world for all, not just for the self. We need to forge international ties with the well meaning people, those who have expertise in educating the proletariat, to form a multi national movement (maybe connected to occupy?) that


has the power to stand up to the power of the multi national capitalist.

Look beyond Malawi, look beyond Africa. Do not look at geography. Look at class.


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