Reality has a tendency of being more surreal than anything we can dream up. And our government has done it again: they are not producing any kind of audited financial statement. They have not a single month of bank reconciliation. This government is simply not tracking any of its money (the money is yours and mine!).


What is going on? Is this simply a matter of laziness? After us the deluge and tomorrow never comes? Or is it a way of allowing everyone in the system to take their pick and never be found out? Is this a policy of don’t ask, don’t tell, do steal?

The people high up in the system, the ones that take the decisions, are the ones who have the most opportunities to take from the system, and they have the most to lose when financial systems are closed and the money is going to its intended purpose and not into some unscrupulous individuals pocket. It seems this is a way of facilitating a latter day Cashgate.


The population suffers because services are not financed, and because taxes are ever raised higher to finance the theft and inefficiency that inevitably results from no financial controls.

The people low in the system, the ones that are doing the work we, as the population, need, are suffering too: they are not hired, or not paid, or paid too low and too late. The ones that are close to the fire (the public kitty) are the ones on Capital Hill. If they do anything, they produce beautiful papers that are not being implemented. But some of them may be doing other things, like advocating for themselves to fly to the UNGA or some other foreign destination, and claim allowances of up to U$250 per day in externalized forex for going shopping. Others may even do illegal things to get their hands on the tax money that is yours and mine.


We do not need a hiring stop for nurses, doctors, teachers, and even street sweepers. These are people that are doing the work you and I are paying taxes for. We need to lay off the entrenched Capital Hill overcrowds that are not even producing the financial statements we are paying them for. And the higher up, the more responsible they are for the mess the country is in.

The donors have a more luxurious position than we do: they can decide to channel their funds through other channels than the leaking stealing government ones. They can (and do) set up their own projects, so the money goes to its intended purpose. They buy drugs for us (from foreign tax payers money!) and transport it themselves to hospitals, so only on one level will they get stolen, rather than on the many levels of the government system. And we don’t even know what gets stolen, because the accounts are simply non-existent.

But we as a tax payer, we are forced to pay ever higher taxes, levies, fees and what-have-you, forced by a state that does not fulfill its mandate. Its “social contract” that binds us to obey the government. Our social contract has been broken unilaterally by our rulers, our national non-performers.


The London’s Economists’s Intelligence Unit is warning of social unrest. Hunger riots and such. We need to prevent that, by being pro-active, and remove the parasites that are not accounting for our money. The ones that are not providing us with the quality education, health care, security and other core government tasks, not to mention water, electricity, and infrastructure.

Brace yourself for hard times. Be proactive in holding government to account. And if all else fails (and we are close) we can take drastic (as yet unspecified) action.


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