Gay issue is imposed from abroad

While we are in a difficult situation, with an economic meltdown, a crime wave, a government that does not keep track of any money, aid freeze, climate change, and more, we are being confronted with an attack on our gay community that has never been seen before in our history.

The history is clear: when we were colonized by the British they imposed an anti gay law on us, which did not comply with our traditional values of love, peace, understanding and forgiveness. They imposed a western style Christianity on us that is homophobic instead of accommodating.

gaysouthafrica1When we wrote our own constitution we made sure it guaranteed rights for all. But some oversight forgot to change the colonial laws in conformity to our own constitution, for which we voted and which we adopted. The South Africans made sure gay rights are explicit in their constitution, we have them there, included in the human rights chapter.

Our democratically elected government has decided to suspend the colonial (anti-gay) law until the constitutional court has had the opportunity to bring it in line with our own constitution.

Some police made a mistake in Lilongwe, when after protecting two men suspected by a mob of having gay contact; they inflicted bodily inspection on them. This was a bad oversight, but it needed not to escalate. Only, some foreign Christian hardliners saw a parallel opportunity to the interference they committed in Uganda, and started stoking the fire.

706x410q70marelise-vd-merwe-lgbti-rightsWe need our police, judiciary and jails to deal with the rising wave of serious crime, including house breaking, violent robbery, and even murder (Njauju!). We do not need an extra workload on these essential services from an angle of consenting adults practicing their sexual orientation in the privacy of their own bedroom. We need a strong effort to keep violent crime ken-msonda-304x175in check. We do not need foreign Evangelists stoking the fire of homophobic feelings in a section of the population. And we certainly do not need a failed politician calling for murder to get attention for his stalling career.



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