Political analysis

I feel that even in the precarious situation the country is in, we need to keep up the careful political analysis. We need to keep weighing every government decision against its political background. This goes beyond the mere technocratic approach that usually dominates our newspapers. The technical blunders are there and need to be exposed, but analysis goes beyond. We need to analyse which philosophy lies behind every measure, to get to the point where we can find the opinions of our leaders and hopefully predict what they are going to do in certain situations so we can make an informed choice at the ballot box. Unfortunately the most prevalent political philosophy in our beautiful country corruptionhappens to be: ” Raking in” With which decision can I rake in maximum profit (in kickbacks, allowances, overcharged tenders, or simple Cashgate)? That we can expose, ATI or no ATI.

But by consistently applying political philosophy to our governments decisions we can educate ourselves, our readers and maybe even our politicians.

At the moment the policy is best described with: stuffing one hole with the other, panic mode.

Look at this:

Chiyembekeza (agriculture): There is nothing we could have done.

Gondwe (finance): Malawi’s economy is in God’s hand

Chaponda (foreign affairs) about donors: I pleaded with them that they should start supporting us financially.

The MANA (Malawi News Agency): “The president continues to appeal to the nation for more prayers such that all areas that have not received rains should do so.”mutharika-praying


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