No oil from lake Malawi!


Chaponda (not the minister of natural resources, but of foreign affairs!) announces he has made contacts with some officials from Georgia and Kazakhstan about oil drilling in Lake Malawi.

fishing-boats-lake-malawi-22987943There is considerable opposition against this idea from all walks of life. Fishermen, tourism entrepreneurs as well as patriotic Malawians who want to see the Lake clean and beautiful.

With Kayelekera we have seen how mining benefits the purses of a few, but does nothing for the population of the area, or the population as a whole.

oil-pollutionNow experts from these two countries, Georgia and Kazakhstan, that is very suspicious. Both countries are infamous for their violations of human rights, and lack of respect for the opinion of the population, as well as for disrespecting the environment when drilling for oil.

Joyce Banda even managed to get advice from Nigeria, arguably the worst in human rights and environmental violations in the oil industry.

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If anyone wants to drill for oil (with the current oil prices this is not going to be very profitable for anyone, compare to the low uranium price impacting on Kayelekera) it should not be the people who polluted the environment, and who violated human rights in undemocratic countries. If we need to get advice, we need to get it from the likes of Norway, who drill cleanly (if possible) and with respect for their population.

stock-photo-renewable-energy-windmill-solar-panel-and-sunflower-187472465But we should not be investing in fossil fuels anyway, that is old fashioned dirty technology that causes the climate change that makes so many Malawians suffer from drought, hunger, floods and what have you. We should be investing in renewables: clean energy, and no fuel costs.

We do not need Chaponda to interfere, it is not his area. We do not need these human rights violators as well as environment polluters in our country. Stop oil drilling in Lake Malawi!



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