Bail has been extended for the suspects of treason or sedition or something unclear: Jessie Kabwila, Peter Chankhwantha and Ulemu Msungama, all opposition politicians. The arrests were illegal in any case (why is the IG still in position? If he knew he acted illegally, which is not acceptable. If he did not know he cannot control his staff to work inside the law which makes him incompetent, which is not acceptable either. The man should have been removed from his post immediately.) because when Parliament is in session Parliamentarians cannot be arrested on any suspicion.

The three were suspected of some crime because of a Whatsapp conversation which the police (? Or another executive organization?) broke into. I will not go into the legal hairsplitting of this case, it is clear that the arrests were illegal.

swp_big_2Just imagine: three politicians are illegally arrested on a case that appears to be going nowhere. The only “evidence” available is this Whatsapp conversation. When the police (or any security agency) gets access to the Spy Machine, they can break into all our electronic traffic. Anything they find that is as strong as this dppcar-burntWhatsapp conversation can and will be used against you. We will all be arrested within hours!

The Spy Machine is a bad idea, always was a bad idea, and came into the country in the darkest days of Bingu’s decline into dictatorship. Let’s stop the Spy Machine with everything we have, or we are not free in any sense.


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