What is this levy on education?

Our President declared that he is to introduce a “levy” on higher education in our beautiful country. He did this tembo-last-journeyafter giving an honorary degree for “leadership” to John Tembo, the man who ruled Malawi with an iron fist when previous dictator Kamuzu Banda had become incapacitated due to advanced age. Under Tembo’s leadership the “Mwanza Four” politicians were murdered, but his involvement has never been proven in a court of law. However this does not clear him of the responsibility to guarantee safety for the country’s inhabitants, including opposition politicians. This honorary degree was recently also awarded to the first lady for having led the “Beautify Malawi Trust” for a year. The value of this type of honorary degree has been eroded by this kind of lighthearted award to ruling class people.

Back to the education ‘levy”

taxhookWhat does this mean? Who is going to have to pay even more taxes for the meager services that our incapacitated government gives us? Is this an extra tax (on top of the overtaxing that our government commits) for peole with an academic degree? A degree from Malawian public universities? Or also from private and/or foreign universities? Or is this “levy” going to be pushed on an already overtaxed private sector that is struggling to survive in an unfriendly business climate caused by hostile government policies? Or is this levy going to be hefted onto the students, who are being robbed of their rights bit by bit already? Unclear, so there is no way we can understand what his Excellency, the State President, Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika (all protocol observed) is saying. A Presidential smokescreen again?


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