The recent redeployment of Medi from head of immigration to general police services highlights a worrying anti democratic tendency in our government: no accountability on important issues. Was his leadership not effective? Was the immigration department corrupt, and was he not capable of improving it? Was he himself corrupt? Or was he not capable of processing passports at a reasonable speed? Or was it maybe that he was open to the population (!) about the challenges at the immigration department? The population is left in the dark.

liberal2bdemocracyWhat we need to keep in mind is that democracy means rule-by-the-people. The people are the boss, and they have employed Mutharika to oversee the running of the country for five years (or shorter if he is impeached). The people are the boss and the president is the employee.

We have also elected a Parliament that should not only make laws (the Legislative) but also oversee the Executive, and hold it to account. The recent refusal of the President to appear in Parliament to account for his actions shows again that the President does not obey the democratic, constitutional order of democracy. The employee needs to account for his actions to the employer.

In this case, and even in the more important case of a cabinet reshuffle, the least the President can do is to consult with the people on any important decision. Now the President acts like he is in the one-party era, where the President was a dictator who dictated the nation and anyone who talked back was deemed meat for the crocodiles. This has changed, and our President needs to account for his actions.r835853_7748839

The President swore at his inauguration that he would uphold and defend the constitution, but in his actions the President shows disdain for the democratic order and lack of respect for his employer: the Malawian people.

Do we need mass demonstrations again?



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