Speech of the President of the Republic of Imagini, J. Kondwani Black, to the members of the Imagini Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI)

Valued representatives of the private sector of the Republic of Imagini,

Welcome to this symposium on the economy and the future of our beloved Republic. I will explain my vision of the future, and your role in it. I welcome any suggestions from the private sector as how to achieve the goals set out in our government policy.

Allow me to skip the rest of the meaningless and time wasting protocol; we all know it, and none of us needs it.

Let me start by explaining my vision of the economy of our beloved Republic of Imagini:

You, the private sector are profit driven. Profit driven enterprise in a moderately free market economy has been shown by history to be the best driver of economic growth, which means wealth creation. The American sub-prime mortgage crisis has shown that a certain amount of regulation is needed, but communist economies have shown that the private sector is best at wealth creation. On the other hand some level of intervention from government is needed in the just distribution of wealth.

My administration will support the private sector in wealth creation, and we welcome any advice. At the moment the regulatory framework for business is out of date, over-complicated, and inefficient in achieving its goals. This also makes it prone to corruption. What we would like to hear from you is where we can improve the regulations, so we can open up your skills in wealth creation for all. Here we see a win-win situation:

With more facilitation and less interference for the private sector, you will be able to create more economic growth which means profit for you and more wealth for the nation. This wealth takes on the form of jobs (and good, well-paying jobs I hope!), tax revenue which can be used for social welfare as well as support for the private sector, and room for more Corporate Social Responsibility.

We view good regulations as:

  1. effective, in that the regulation achieves its stated goals
  2. simple, so it can be used evenly by SMEs who have less capability than big companies to hire professional lawyers to find their way in the regulatory framework
  3. proportional, so the inevitable side effects are strongly outweighed by the advantages
  4. targeted, so they do target the right sectors of society and not the wrong ones.
  5. Consistent both internally and with all other regulations, both national and international.

The current regulatory framework is far from where it needs to be, and we will appreciate your suggestions for improvement, the more precise the better.

I have sent a heavy delegation here, to make sure your suggestions are taken into consideration at the highest level. We have both the ministers of finance and of economy, as well as the principle secretaries of their ministries. Also we have many specialists from the higher echelons of the civil service, and the Parliamentary commissions of economy and business and trade.

When making your suggestions, please keep in mind the goals of government, so we can create a win-win situation. A win-loose situation is not acceptable.

You as members of the private sector are profit driven, and that is the way it should be. But we as a government have a different responsibility: we have been elected (and that means employed) by the whole population of the Republic of Imagini. We as government sector are responsible for every single citizen of our Republic. Remember: democracy means one-person-one-vote, not one-business-one-vote! (hahaha).

We as government see our responsibility to the private sector as supplying a good workforce, which means well educated and healthy. So we will improve education and health care for all our benefit, including the private sector. Also we need to provide security for private persons as much as for businesses. Then the unrelenting fight against corruption will benefit all: the government sector, the business sector, the NGO sector as well as private inhabitants of our beautiful Republic of Imagini.

Let me wind up with asking you to be open and frank with us: tell us where we are doing well, where there is room for improvement, and openly where we are going wrong. We need your support for the well being of everyone in our Republic of Imagini, including the private sector.

Welcome, and Thank you for your attention!


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