We should consider before we use the term God Fearing.

Fearing God? Is that what Christianity is about? No.

Jesus Christ taught us not to revenge, but to turn the other cheek.

Jesus Christ taught us not to hate but to love.

love__1__-_copyJesus Christ taught us about God’s love. God’s love is unlimited and unconditional. Jesus Christ taught us that God loves all of creation, loves all his creatures, loves all people.

There are those who say: I am a sinner, I am not worthy of God’s love. I am too tainted with my past, with the sins I have committed. But that misses the point: God’s love is here for all of us, God’s love is unconditional and unlimited. God loves all of us, even the sinners. The Cashgaters: God loves them. The child molesters: God loves them. The ones who have killed and maimed: God loves them.believe-in-gods-love

You say: God, I have sinned. And God says: come to me and I will support you.

You say: God, my sins are too evil. I am not worthy of your love. And God says: come to me, I am here for you. For all of you.

God’s love is there for the saint and the sinner.

god_is_loveFor the corrupt, and the incorruptible.

For the lazy and the hard working.

For the criminal and the baby.

For Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, Queer (LGBTI). And also, yes ladies and gentlemen, all alert: also for the Heterosexual.

For you, and for me.

God love is there for all.

This is not a God to be feared, this is a God to be loved.

Let’s no more use the term: God Fearing.

Let’s use the term: GOD LOVING.



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