Albino killings


The series of albino killings that hit Malawi recently is more than sad. And it needs a strong repression to stop it in the short term. Bt we should not be satisfied with a short term approach alone. This is not enough.

If we look deeper, we see that the albino killings are only a symptom of a much deeper malaise: the lack of development. Let’s look at the underlying causes:

How can a scene of quacks (traditional healers, call them what you want) make people believe that rituals with albino body parts will benefit you?

To get success in business, the business person has to understand the workings of the market. That means creating added value, combined with good business management, which consists of business administration and marketing. But these concepts are only comprehensible for a person with a certain level of education. And we all know that the quality of public education in Malawi is deplorable as well as dwindling. We have a government headed by a “champion of education”. In its latest budget review, it pushed up the allocation for the Presidential Palaces, and lowered the allocation for education. This shows a very cynical view of the tasks of government. Obviously the luxury of the President gets higher preference over the level of education of the population.

A second reason for the standing of the scene of quacks is the deplorable state of public health care. Anyone with enough money shuns public hospitals, and goes private. And those with too little money for private hospitals will go to the traditional quack (traditional healer). Again, it is the failure of government to provide health care (as is guaranteed under the constitution!) that drives the population to this scene of magicians, who perform rituals with dead body parts.africanwitchcraft

It is this level of underdevelopment that creates the climate in which the always available criminals will kill our compatriots for no other reason than their pigment.

Government is the only body that has the means to improve the situation. And it is the responsible body as it represents the population including people with albinism.

Government needs to up its game in education and health care to provide the long term solutions.


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