Our students are made the victim of the governments financial mess, and our country will be deprived of a future if we do not get the activism to be so effective government is forced to recede.

Government made a mess of its finances (our tax money!). Its administration is leaking like a basket, and an estimated 30% of our tax money is stolen, because of laxity or worse. Donors were aggrieved their tax payers’ money goes to the rich and corrupt in Malawi, and stopped budget support. Now, instead of getting its house in order, our government is heaping its failures on the population, most lately on the students. Draconian fee hikes are not the solution for the challenges that our education system is facing. Think it through: fee hikes, some in excess of 700%, will be too much for many of the students’ financial muscle. This means our democratically elected government is creating an uneducated generation.  The World Bank recently released a report that shows that we have too few university educated people to serve the country. Now our government is severely limiting the number of people who can access education! That is counterproductive and needs to be stopped. WE need to invest in education, not reap profits from it to finance government corruption and inefficiency. Those vices need to be stopped, not financed by our poor students!

The South African student movement has coordinated their actions efficiently, and they got the president to turn back on his draconian decision within days. We need the same: we need our student movement to coordinate between the different colleges and universities, so the government, if necessary in the person of the President, will be forced to turn back the fee hikes and finance the future of our country, not the corruption that is committed on many government levels and places.

With all students’ unions united, and strong activism, coordinated actions with maximum impact (the stopping of the US 2nd lady was well timed), we can stop this disaster.


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