His Excellency Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika

peter-1When the President announced that he would submit a new bill to curb harmful traditional practices, the whole Nation was surprised: there was an incident, or systematic practice in Nsanje revealed by the BBC. This may have caused embarrassment to the President. But the suspect was arrested. This was only possible in case there was a law against his practices in place already. His Excellency used to be a law professor, so he is supposed to know this. Even I as a journalist with much less experience know. And we all know there are several laws in place that make harmful traditional practices illegal. Now a number of NGOs have come out, and made clear that the problem is not the legal framework, but the implementation. As in many other cases. We need a directive from the Minister of Justice, that will instruct the police to take cases of harmful traditional practices very serious, to make sure that victims and others who will report are treated with respect, and that all are treated according to the rules of the Victim Support Unit. And on top of that we need a real action plan, with actionable recommendations, to be implemented. This plan obviously needs to be a combination of Information, Education and Communication (IEC) on one hand and repression with the judicial system on the other. Always the interests of the victim need to be priority number one. These interests are not always repression, sometimes, especially when the offender is the provider for the family, other approaches like social work are more appropriate to be in line with the interests of the victim.

Another issue with this President is his step by step descend into dictatorship with the accompanying secrecy: he replaces the Army Commander and demotes him, shortly before his pension. This is his legal prerogative. But any democratically minded leader would give a clear and complete explanation to the People, who after all are His employer. Democracy means People’s Rule. The People rule over the President, and the President is temporarily responsible for the running of the Nation under command of the People. He needs to report to his employer. Now he refuses to do so, all kinds of peculiar conspiracy theories are furthered on web based publications and social media, like: the National Intelligence Bureau has convinced His Excellency that the opposition politicians who were illegally detained in connection with an illegally tapped WattsApp conversation were planning a coup with the army. Another one is that the Army Commander refused to go along with a lucrative corruption scandal. Of course both could also be true. However, the President owes us an explanation!


One thought on “His Excellency Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika

  1. Prophet Shepherd Bushiri
    To his Excellency, Professor Peter Mutharika, President of the
    Republic of Malawi
    Your Excellency, I believe this post will find you in good health.
    This platform may not necessarily be the best to reach you, but
    believe me, I have also written to you through your office but I
    have doubts the letter would ever reach you. None of my letters
    has ever been acknowledged to have reached you Your Excellency
    when sent via official channels. This, I have come to acknowledge
    as a serious problem.
    I have trust that posting the message here will be of help and with
    a lot of people reading, one of them will have the pleasure of
    bringing it to your attention.
    I write to humble myself Your Excellency. I have pleas that need
    your authorisation.
    Few days ago I was in Mzuzu and I decided to go to Moyale
    Secondary to visit it as an alumni. It was so embarrassing, your
    Excellency, when I was stopped saying I had to get authorization in
    order to visit the school where among others, I had plans to get
    my certificate and say Hi to my old teachers.
    My President, Moyale Secondary is a place that educated me. I
    was the Head Boy at this school and I also headed SCOM for the
    better days I learnt. I would love to meet the current group
    members and share my experiences with them. After all, I am an
    alumnus of the school in question Your Excellency.
    It is unfortunate, Your Excellency, that I cannot go back to the
    school without asking for your permission. You are the last top
    authority of the government and I believe when the people say I
    need to get permission they mean you, in that authority position,
    have to authorise, otherwise, the people I meet, despite being in
    control of such places, they still ask me to seek permission “from
    Allow me, Your Excellency, to go to this school. It is all my heart
    While in the same city your excellence, I was also stopped by
    police when I decided to take a walk through the city that I grew up
    in. They said I had to seek permission to take a walk through the
    city. I believe you will consider me and give me the authority to
    admire the city I knew as a child.
    Your Excellency, at the hospital where I went to see the sick, I was
    denied access saying I had to seek authorisation from above. Like
    I said, you are the ‘Above’ that everyone referred to.
    Your Excellency, I do not travel alone. I usually travel with my
    pastors and other people close to me. We can never use one car
    and as such we usually travel in a number of vehicles together. It
    is unfortunate that the police in Mzuzu said I have to ask for
    permission to travel with my friends and family.
    They said if I am to use the roads of Malawi, then I need clearance
    from you Your Excellency. I therefore humbly request that you
    hear me out and give me the advised authority to have a number
    of cars accompanying me, using the roads of our country which is
    under your leadership Your Excellency.
    I am still here for a couple of days and I believe you will hear me
    out and permit me to do the things I have asked. I am a citizen of
    Malawi and I believe you will not deny me the favour that I so
    badly need.


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