MCP flops!

The MCP threatens with civil disobedience. Has some MCP person read my earlier writings?

Well, maybe my writing was not clear enough, because this threat is going nowhere. If you want to push government in a certain direction you need to back it up with a credible threat. In this case MCP threatens unspecified “civil disobedience” which must “make the country ungovernable in a peaceful way”. This is not credible. To make the country ungovernable in a peaceful way, you need a big action of many, many people. But MCP wants electoral reforms. These may (or may not) be important, it is not the sort of issue that you get huge crowds over. Most people do not care that much about electoral reforms that they will go out on the streets, risk inconvenience and in the worst case their life (think of the DPP governments use of live ammunition on 20 July 2011, with which they murdered 20 unarmed demonstrators). You need to create action preparedness in the population for your gandhi-saltmarch01threat to be credible. You need issues that the population really feels strongly about, not some office ideas about electoral reforms. You need something that touches directly on people’s livelihood. Like Mahatma Gandhi’s salt marches. Like Dr Martin Luther King’s bus boycotts, and coffee shop integration projects. Ever rising prices are a good one, or corruption at roadblocks, Marchgovernment offices. Missing drugs, teachers not getting paid. That type of thing. But these MCP types are ruling class, just like government, They think of elite problems, not of the population’s plight. Because their thinking is ruling class. Because they are part of the cultural hegemony of the ruling class. If they want to become activist, they will have to study cultural hegemony,  mix with the poor, find out where the real issues are, and apply cultural hegemony to the local situation. But they cannot do that, because it goes against their interests to really support popular empowerment. MCP is ruling class, and they will never become activist. They should stop pretending, and leave activism to the activists.


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