The President has declared he does not know what he can do more to stop corruption at the FISP (Farm Input Subsidy Programme). While it is impossible to get totally rid of corruption, it is not very difficult to do more than is being done now. The key is openness, accountability, Access To Information.


All documents must be public. This can be done very cheaply: put them on the Government Website and on Facebook. All tender documents, tender submissions, procurement committee reports, tenders awarded. Then all Waybills for the goods and services rendered. The inventories of all warehouses. You snap them with a smart phone and share on Facebook. Simple.

Then, when a lorry leaves, again a snap of the waybill on Facebook, and an SMS message to the destination, with the snap of the waybill attached. When the lorry arrives, again, a snap of the waybill, and a snap of the cargo.

All papers done at the Admarc depots: snap them and publish them.

This way the public, as well as the press, will carry out the anti-corruption investigations. Then the political will: fast track all prosecutions in this area. And fire everyone, who has committed a crime, on the spot.

At Admarc depots, install big signs that explain exactly what rights the client has and what duties. What rights the staff has and what duties. A clear complaints procedure must be explained on the sign, with telephone, Whatapp, SMS and FB contacts. Also contacts for the press must be published here, so openness and transparency are promoted. The anti-corruption unit must have great powers to investigate and prosecute, as well as the power to suspend on the spot any staff suspected of corruption.

How difficult is this?


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