Voter apathy



The recent by elections showed a lack of interest from voters in the political process. It is not so much a problem that the voters are not interested, the voter apathy is a clear reflection of the real situation with Malawian politics: there is nothing to chose.

All politicians promise the world to the voter: ATI bill, improvement of the FISP, limiting Presidential powers, better economy. Even the much touted Civil Service Reform Program has deteriorated in a “Collect More Revenue from the Overtaxed Population” Program. This is clearly shown in the proud advertisements that the Government publishes.


All politicians habitually break their promises. All politicians collect Cashgate. All politicians represent no one but their own political class. All politicians promote conservative policies: keep things (read corruption) the same and give the population strong top down leadership. You can chose from several politicians, but only one policy. Voters are right: there is nothing to chose, so they don’t vote.

There is supposed to be opposition in a democratic political system, but our opposition offers only more of the same as the current ruling party. So there is no meaningful opposition, only a choice who steals our tax money and messes up the economy. Not a choice for a different program.


This means the opposition against corruption, inefficiency, incompetence, obstruction, malawi20protestallowance collection and top-down commend policies needs to come from outside the political system. We need real grass-roots activism. We need civil disobedience (not from MCP ruling class, but from the population).  We need activism, mass demonstrations, occupy Parliament, or State House, or Town Hall. We need to rise up and stop the ruling class from steering the country into the abyss while they enrich themselves at our cost.


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