Chilembwe speaks again

Chilembwe says: I got a comment that my writings tend to be too long for comfortable reading so I broke up the ideas in smaller, bite-size pieces that can easily be read. Here is one:

In a mature democracy, all groups in society are represented in Government. Broadly speaking the laborers and small holder farmers and such are represented in the socialists or social democrats, in the UK the Labour Party. Then the business world is represented by the liberals, in the UK the Liberal Party. And the old rich and vested interest money are represented by the conservatives, in the UK the Tories. In Malawi we do not have such a mature democracy, we have only one class represented in government: the government class. They are the old money, the rich. There are no representatives of the biggest group of Malawians in government: the small holder farmers are not represented and consequently their interests are not kept up, and that is why small holder farmers remain poor. Liberation Movement represents everyone who wants to join: we have no rulers in the party, we have no discipline committee, we have no rules against “parallel structures” because we do not need these rules: we have no structures of power in the Movement. Everyone represents him or herself, and everyone is equal. We do not vote by majority but by consensus. If we do not agree we follow the traditional African way of discussion. We discuss until we all agree. This may take time, but the top-down government style also takes time. If you think it is faster than our way, I recommend you apply for a passport and you will understand how slow the top-down rulership style is.


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