Out of poverty


The government of Malawi is making life worse and worse for us. Of course they are trying to blame others. The blame game is a sign of weakness: they cannot deny that we are having a hard time so they heap the blame on donors or opposition or CSOs or what have you. But we know better.

Take the important issue of education: education is the way out of poverty. So poor children need to have education, otherwise they and in time their own children cannot transcend the situation of poverty. Education needs to be open to all with the talent to pass the exams. Should be clear cut. That is the way to help the population and it is the way to get an educated next generation that can develop the country. This should be simple to understand.

Not for our government: they keep on taking money away from education. So now the quality of public schools has gone down and down. And public secondary schools are below any standard. Which means that the large majority of the students in public schools cannot perform up to the standard of higher education. Not for a lack of talent but because they had the bad luck that their parents are poor and that the Mutharika government does not care about their education. Remember that Mutharika appointed himself to “champion of higher education”?

So now almost exclusively, university students come from private secondary schools, which means they have the good luck to have parents who can afford private schools. Those with bad luck will remain poor.

This makes poverty inheritable: children of poor parents will be poor, because they get bad education. Children of rich parents will be rich, because they get good education. We call this stratification: the society consists of layers, and those from one layer will (almost) never graduate to the next layer. All because of the deplorable policies of the Mutharika government.

Of course it does not hurt the ministers themselves: they have lots of money, so their children go to private schools. So their family stays rich. It is only the poor and powerless that suffer.


It was not like this under President Doctor Ngwazi Hastings Kamuzu Banda. Then public education was good quality and those children with the talent could get good education, regardless of their parents income. It is not like that anymore. It is very unfair!


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