Black outs, load shedding, no power.


The Millenium Challenge Corporation is a US NGO. It has funded Escom with U$ 350,700,000. This started 4 years ago. That is plenty of time to build Solar or wind power. But what has Escom done, predictably? They have given us more Blackouts than ever before.

I have written about this problem before and recently we found that the ACB was stopped from investigating Escom, and Matola says he knows about the corruption but he is not man enough to name man and horse.

What is interesting in this case is the position of MCC, the Americans. If they were interested in supplying Malawians with electricity, they would have chosen another 1x-1approach: they would have financed a project with micro grids for one village or even everybody his own little solar panel on his roof. But that is not what they want. These are Americans, and they want capitalism.

They are not interested in supplying the population with the electricity that will improve our quality of life. Instead they are interested in a commodity that can be bought and sold, so that a capitalist company can make a profit of our need for electricity. So they insist that Escom be split up, and that the new power will be supplied by Independent Power Producers, a fancy lingo for capitalist companies.

But they have not reckoned well: Malawi is so corrupt (and any Malawian could have told web_photo_photocomp1_14092015them) that these big projects are used for self enrichment, not for the overall objective. So now the money disappeared, and there is no sufficient administration to find out what happened to it. And the ACB is banned from investigating Escom. We get black-outs, and the MCC does not get capitalist profits. The corrupt win, the honest loose.


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