Save our democracy from the Speaker!

When speaker of Parliament Msowoya warned our Parliament to not let petitioners close, hrichard-msowoyae did a bad service to democracy.

In a democracy, Parliamentarians are supposed to carry out the will of the people. But in Malawi (as elsewhere) this does often not happen. So the population needs to remind the Parliamentarians why they are there. And in the worst case be able to recall them. (This was promised by DPP in their manifesto but after elections their manifesto was forgotten and they went pursuing their personal gain).

malawi-parliamentWe need to get close to our Parliamentarians and be able to pressure them to do what we voted them in for, not what brings them personal profit. So we need to get close to our representatives, and we do not need a Speaker to interfere with this process, petitioning MPs is a necessary part of democracy.

Obviously the security reason cited by the speaker was nonsense: at no point in the process was anybody in any way of danger, the speaker was just separating the MPs from the population they are supposed to represent.


BAD WEEK for Msowoya.


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