LED lights: the way to go.



A few years ago we switched from incandescent lights to energy savers. Which saved 80% on our electricity for lights. Now there is new technology available: LED lights, which are twice as efficient as energy savers. So switching to them is good for your pocket. But also it is the patriotic thing to do: every watt you do not use is available for others, cutting down on load shedding and black outs.


You can buy an LED light at Game for MK 650. I bought them for my security lights and calculated: If my security lights are on for 12 hours a day I earn back the money in 10 months. Even when I throw out the energy savers I had in my security lights. But I don’t do that: I keep them as spares for other lights. Now if you use LEDs in lights that are on for shorter than 12 hours a day you will earn your money back slower, but you will. Also LED lights last 2.5 times as long as energy savers, so you are better off in every respect. And how much is an investment of MK 650 anyway?

Which brings me to the next idea: Escom saves 30 MW by distributing 1.2 million LED lights. Very nice, good idea. But they spend around MK 5000 per light! Eight times as much as the lights are sold for by Game. And here you see how the para statal still does not know how to run their organization. Spending 8 times the money the private cat-led-bulbssector spends on a light is just over the top. When a government organisation or para statal gets involved in a project, suddenly the costs soar (as minister Kumpalume noticed in connection with the state of the art cancer centre). Hangers on are looking for opportunities to go to Lakeside conferences, collect allowances, and inflate contracts for their own pocket at our expense.

Shame on ESCOM



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