Opportunity for AP Mutharika!


As our government fails to feed our hungry masses, the International Community comes to the rescue in the shape and form of Unicef and WFP. They distribute food and cash for the poor, where our government cannot manage due to a number of factors, Cashgate among them.

We thank them.

These organizations have strict and up to date codes of conduct. These codes of conduct mention treatment of women and girls. And they mention specifically that sexual exploitation of beneficiaries is illegal. These agencies must take their own policies seriously. After all, why have a policy if you do not enforce it? Let’s call them to action!

But even our own Chiefs are taking unfair advantage of the trust that International Agencies place in them, and engage in exploitative activities that fuel the spread of HIV/Aids. Now, our Chiefs are the custodians of our culture and tradition, but not harmful practices.

Ask them: Is respect for women and girls not part of Malawian tradition and culture, as much as respect for Chiefs?

Ask them: Does the Chief not have the responsibility to safeguard mental and physical health of his subjects?

Ask them: Is fairness and equal treatment of subjects not part of Malawian culture and tradition, as it is opposed to unfair favoritism?


Chiefs like these are at risk of being lured into immoral practices.

peter-mutharika11A few months ago our President ordered the prosecution of the Fisi Eric A. (full name withheld) for abusing little girls. This is very encouraging. Some petty souls then accused our great President of only acting when the international media (in this case BBC) are involved. This is surely not the style of our beloved President Arthur Peter Mutharika. He promotes integrity. He promotes patriotism. He promotes hard work. He surely will promote the prosecution of our predatory Chiefs and International Aid Workers, who abuse their power and our lovely little girls. President, we have faith in you. President, we are waiting for your intervention. Show your Good Governance!


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