Chaponda does it again!!

The rich man overprices the food for the masses. Does anybody here have an idea why he fisp-malawidoes that?

Chaponda himself: He said the ministry of Finance would invite the wrath of the International Monetary Fund should the government bring down the prices of maize.

Chaponda said the prices in Admarc depots were determined by the buying costs.

imfLook at it:
Chaponda hands over our democratic sovereignty to the IMF. We are not voting for the IMF, the policy of the IMF is determined by the rich countries, who subsidise it, to force their policies on poor countries like Malawi. Chaponda is dancing to the tune of the IMF, against our own population. And on top of that: he says prices are determined by buying costs, which are inflated because of some really weird deal that Admarc and Ministry of Agriculture (= Chaponda’s responsibility) made with Zambia. There can only be one good reason to make that deal, and we all know what it is. But somehow the evidence got burned…Once, twice, three times a BAD score for


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