APM delays


Today we read in the print version of our flagship newspaper the Nation that lawyers differ with Presdent Arthur Peter Mutharika on his delay in implementing the ATI bill. Presdent Mutharika has made no secret of his fear of the ATI bill. First stalling, then submitting a butchered version, then delaying signing it, and now simply delaying the implementation.

ea_0_news_10_our-evidence_access_to_infoWith Presdent Mutharika’s background as a law Professor we cannot attribute this delay to ignorance: he knows that the law does not prescribe other laws to be amended before implementation. It is simply delay tactics. This is contradicting the manifesto we elected him on, and it should not be done like this. Presdent Mutharika should show that he is a trustworthy politician, and 237326implement the manifesto. How do we know who to vote for if the manifesto is not being followed? That is not democracy, that is deceiving the population.

The law will empower Malawians to know how they are being governed, which is a simple requirement for a democracy to function.


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