International ideological currents

Political current
Political tradition
Main agenda
Leading institutions
Internal disputes
Exemplary proponents
Global justice movement


De-globalisation of capital (not of people); globalization-from-below; anti-war; anti-racism/sexism/ homophobia; indigenous rights; feminism; ecology; decommodified state services; radical participatory democracy
Social movements like Occupy;  EZLN; environmental justice activists; indigenous people; autonomist groups; radical activist networks; leftist labour movements; left think-tanks; left media; semi-liberated zones; left part of the World Social Forum; Crimethinc
Fix-it vs. Nix-it for international agencies; role of the State/party politics; gender and racial power; divergent interests (Northern labour and environment vs. Southern sovereignty; tactics (symbolic property destruction)
H. Belafonte; J. Butler; N. Chomsky; A. Choudry; P. Freire; E. Galeano; D. Graeber; D. Harvey; J. Holloway; N. Klein; M. Moore; E. Morales; R. Nader; A Negri; J Pilger; A Roy; V. Shiva; G. Vidal; V. Wandale
Third world nationalism
National capitalism/


Increased and fairer global integration via reform of inter-state system; debt relief; expanded market access; democratized global governance; regionalism; rhetorical anti-imperialism; Third World Unity
Non-aligned Movement, G77; South Centre; self-selecting regimes; supportive NGOs
Degree of militancy against the North; divergent regional interests; religion; large vs. small countries; Islam; ego & internecine rivalries
Y Arafat; B. Al-Assad; HK Banda; F. Castro; H. Chavez; F. Fanon; Lulla da Silva; M Gadaffi; S. Hussein; Kim Jong-Un; N. Kirshner; N. Mandela; R. Mugabe; B. Wa Mutharika; Nasser; K. Nkrumah; D. Ortega; V. Putin; Xi Jin-Pin; J. Zuma
Post Washington Consensus
Liberal democracy/ social democracy
Fix ‘imperfect markets’; add sustainable development to existing capitalist framework via UN and similar global state-building; promote global Keynesianism; oppose US unilateralism and militarism
Some UN agencies (Unctad, Unicef, Unifem, Unrisd); some international NGOs (Care, Oxfam, Transparency International); big environmental groups (WWF); big labour; liberal foundations; Socialist International; some Scandinavian countries
Alliances with left or right (Washington Consensus); optimal reforms
K. Annan; Bono; G. Brundtland; A. Giddens; Hollande; J. Sachs; B. Sanders; A. Sen; G. Soros; J Stiglitz; G. Verhofstadt
Washington Consensus
Neo-liberal capitalism
Rename neo-liberalism; more effective bail-out mechanisms; financial support for US led Empire
US State; corporate media; big business; World Bank; IMF; WTO; elite clubs (World Economic Forum); some UN agencies (UNDP); some universities and think tanks (University of Chicago economics, Adam Smith Institute) most G8 countries
Differing reactions to US Empire due to regional-capitalist interests and domestic dynamics
T. Blair; J. Chirac; B. Clinton; H. Clinton; M. Friedman; A. Greenspan; T. Mbeki; A. Muluzi; B. Obama; J. Wolfensohn
Extreme right wing
Unilateral petro-military imperialism; crony deals; corporate subsidies; protectionism and tariffs; reverse globalization of people via racism and xeno-phobia; religious extremism; patriarchy, social control
Republican Party populism; right wing think tanks; the Christian Right; petro-military complex; Pentagon; right wing media (Fox, Washington Times); European extreme right; Israels Likud party; Islamic extremism
Disputes over US imperial reach; religious influence; protection culture; patriarchy; state sovereignty
Achmadinejad; A.B. al-Bagdhadi; S. Berlusconi; O. Bin-Laden; Z. Brzezinski; P. Buchanan; G.W. Bush; D. Cheny; N. Gingrich; J. Haider; B. Johnson; H. Kissinger; J. Kushner; M. Le-Pen; R. Limbaugh; T. May; R. Murdoch; J. Negroponte; R. Perle; K. Rove; D. Rumsfeld; D. Trump; G. Wilders;  P. Wolfowitz
 Inspired by P Bond

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